All practices at dojo has been canceled due to COVID 19 until further notice. If you want to join our Zoom practice, please contact us.

Join us to have a unique experience

Kendo is one of the few martial art that does not require you to be young or old.

How to join our dojo

We recommend you trying out Kendo before joining. We offer free trial session for the first two weeks. If you decide to join us, we will need you to sign documents and pay membership fees so that you can participate in exams and tournaments.

Membership Fees

We do offer discounts to families.

AgeTuitionRegistration FeeSCKO Annual Membership
AUSKF Annual Membership
17yrs and under$60 (Quarterly)$20$20 (Annualy)$25 (Annualy)
18yrs and over$75 (Quarterly)$20$35 (Annualy)$40 (Annualy)